Debbie Abazia

Interesting and Fun Facts about Me!!

Debbie Abazia

Favorite Actor: Harrison Ford. Also have my eye on Chris Pine : )

Favorite Musical Era: 1950’s. Love all things ’50’s. Poodle skirts, hair and makeup. You name it!

Junk food:  Yes I eat it. Chocolate Covered Pretzels and Haribo Gummi Bears.

Attire: LOVE evening gowns. All styles. An evening gown shoot would leave me in heaven.

Missing Mom: Chartered a motherless daughters group in 2006 after the passing of my beloved Mom.

Early Life: Was born in Florida but raised in New Jersey.

Passion: Always loved dance. Have taken many dance classes and have choreographed 2 stage performances.

Favorite Cuisines: Spanish, Italian and Sushi!

Essential Beauty Product: Lipstick or gloss. I feel naked without it. Sunscreen.

Favorite Destination: Tuscany, Italy.

Favorite Flowers: Sunflower and Tulips.

Favorite Sports Teams: Miami Dolphins (Go Marino), New Jersey Devils, NASCAR.

Volunteer Efforts: Beach cleanup with the Ocean Conservancy, Big Sister for the BBBS Program.

Favorite Topic To Read: Psychology and The Brain. Biographies.

Favorite Movies: Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Spaceballs, Sabrina, Sound of Music.

Favorite Artist: Claude Monet.

Debbie Abazia